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Titanium colors and textures

Titanium color front

Below are several of my photo examples of how titanium metal can be colored with heat from a gas torch flame. As can be seen, the color variations can differ. The most important factor which influences the resulted color is depending on how long time you spend heating the metal. With different temperatures you achieve different colors. So you can apply more heat to areas where you want the colors to develop more.

Texture of lines added from textured hammer. Flower and leaves stamped on from hammer and stamps. High polished on the polishing machine. Burnt into rainbow colors.
Textures of lines from using a textured hammer. Flowers and leaves from stamping with a hammer and a stamp. High polished on a polishing machine. Rainbow colors from using a gas torch and heating it.
Blue and gold color textured titanium ring
Textures has been added from a texturing hammer. The blue open side of the ring has been burned longer than the solid gold side. But colors also develop faster where there is less metal.
Titanium ring with fading colors and bright colors
On the big mat square the titanium ring has lost most of its colors. When heating thick titanium it is easy to loose the colors.
Colorfull spiral texture titanium ring
Titanium ring has been stamped with spirals. To get all the bright colors, I have burned the ring till it is all red and then stopped.
Light blue and pink titanium ring
Titanium ring has been heat treated more on the inside of the ring to get the pink color. High polished on the edge around the ring where the color is bright pink, and matt finish on top of the ring.
Bronze color heart titanium ring
Hand stamped with hearts, polished and heat treated to get the bronze color.
Textures and heat treatet titanium ring
Lines has been done from a textured hammer and flowers from a stamp which has been hammered onto the titanium. Ring has been heat treated with a gas torch and top layer of colors has been sanded off.
Titanium ring with gold, light blue and dark blue colors. Mat and shiny finish.
The long dark blue square has got a mat finish and the long slim light blue is high polished. The ring has got more heat on the light blue slim long square and least heat on the gold band.
Titanium ring heat treatet more on one side to achieve two colors in blue and gold
This ring has been heat treated more on the blue side to achieve the two colors.
Titanium ring  in blue colors with line texture
The lines on the titanium ring has been hammered on from a textured hammer. The ring has been heated to achieve the blue colors and then sanded with sand paper to get more visible lines.
Heat treatet titanium ring with more colors. Heatet more on the inside of the ring to achieve the blue color
Mat finish on the top of the ring and polished on each side of the ring. Burned more on the inside of the ring to achieve the purple blue color.
Heat treatet titanium ring where you get two colors from sanding top layer off with sand paper.
Titanium ring has been burned with a gas torch. Then the top layer has been sanded off and left the blue color in the texture.
Handmade heat treatet blue titanium ring
Stamped with flowers and hearts, high polished and heat treated to get the blue color.

4 thoughts on “Titanium colors and textures

  1. Ahh, I really like the titanium blue metallic color showing on the ring on the 4th image from the end upwards – the hammered titanium with textured design and shades of light-blue. Brilliant work with heating this metal I must say.

    1. Hello Rado!
      Thanks! It is always harder to get the colors right on a bigger piece. This ring band is about 2 centimetre wide and it has kept its blue colors in the textures lines after being sanded with sandpaper.

  2. Hey Anita, could I have you do like the ring on the 12 picture down but do it like the inner blue/ purple gloss style but on the exterior of the ring?

    I am due for a new wedding band and LOVVVVVE titanium

    1. Hello Chad!
      Sorry, but I don’t do orders. When I burn the titanium, I never know what colours I end up with as the temperature is hard to control. I sell titanium rings on my Etsy shop AnitasBest.

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