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Tips in how to work with jewelry designs

Designing jewelry

In my opinion there is no right or wrong way in how to design jewelry, as long as you find the balance in getting the shapes, textures, sizes and colors right. Some people might like very simple designs and some might like a bit more out there pieces. Fashion play a big role in  what people choose. I look at the trends, but I still like to create my own “look” in the jewelry pieces I make.

Getting ideas and how to work with them

I can get ideas and work on them  for years before I get them right. Ideas usually come to me while I am working using bits and pieces of off cuts. Being impulsive and just doing whatever comes to my mind makes me create more interesting pieces. I have often got some really good ideas when I have stuffed up pieces and had to change the original idea. When I am working on ideas, I find it useful to  have a break before deciding if the designs are good or bad. Having a break and putting things aside make you see the pieces with new eyes and being more sceptical. You can also show other people your design ideas and ask which ones they prefer.

When I go out I am always observant, and I can get ideas from nature or just anything interesting I see. I like organic free form shapes. Some times when I am working on putting more shapes together it can help me to do some drawings to get the balance right, and I would ask myself. Does the shapes work together? Does the sizes work together? Does the textures work together? Does it look right? Often I find that choosing to put different shapes/sizes together makes more interesting designs. I used to do flower designs out of wire, and by a mistake I made one of the leaves longer than the others. The flower with the longer leave ended up being my favorite, because it wasn’t perfect.

Flower necklace
Flower necklace with long leave

Colors in jewelry designs

Working with colors can be a lot of fun, but if you add to many different colors it can easily go wrong. Some colors can be very vibrant, and you might just need to add less from that color. If you want to make a display and sell your jewelry keep the same colors together in a section.

Tree pendant
Organic shape with stamped Australian bush tree

Wire pendant

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