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Jewelry making tools for beaded jewelry

Jewellery making tools for beaded jewellery

Making your own jewelry is good fun. Using the tools I am introducing,  you can create your own fancy earring, bracelets and necklaces.


Side cutter

Side cutter for cutting metal and tiger tail
The side cutter is good for cutting metal wire and tiger tail.


Jewelry file for making jewelry
The file is great for sanding the wire when making earrings, clasps and twisted wire designs. It helps getting rid of sharp edges.

Round nose pliers

Round nose pliers for jewelry making
You can use the round nosed pliers when twisting wires. Great for making earring hooks and twirly designs.

Nose pliers

Nose pliers for jewelry making
The nose pliers is a good tool when you finish crimping a beaded necklace, because it is so slim. It can also be used for bending and straightening wire, just be care full not to mark the metal (a cloth can be used while bending or straightening).

Flat nose pliers

Flat nose pliers for jewelry making
I use the flat nose pliers for crimping, straightening and bending wire. With the bending and straightening use a cloth so you don’t mark the metal. Or get a plastic covered flat nose pliers. Using two flat nose pliers you can open and close jump rings. If your tools are a bit rough you can sand them with fine sandpaper.

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