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How to use a tanning lotion on your face

Products for face tanning

I remember when I was teenager and using tanning lotions for the first time. I thought the more color the better, and I ended up looking terrible. That was many years ago and today there are lots of improved and better products on the markets.

I think that you can achieve a nice natural look using tanning lotions, but just don’t over do it.

I use a natural paraben free tanning gel from Sukin. I like this gel because it doesn’t have that strong smell like most tanning lotions. It is light weight and easy to apply. The packaging is designed so you can only get a small amount out of the tube at the time. The color is like a caramel color.


Direction how to use it:

1. Do a face scrub the night before and moisture your skin. Don’t use products containing oils. You can make your own face scrub by just using warm water and fine sea salt.

2.  Make some ice cubes in the freezer overnight.

3.  Put the ice cubes in a cloth. Now hold the cloth with the ice cubes to your face. Using ice will minimize the size of your pores and give you a better finish.

3.  Before using the tanning lotion make sure your face is cleaned up and moisture with oil free products.

4.  Put Vaseline on your eye brows to prevent them from getting any color.

5.  Apply the tanning lotion bit by bit and make sure it evenly applied. Don’t get it into your hairline.

6.  Use a damp cotton pad to pad gentle where you don’t want the tanning to be to dark. Under eyes, around the hairline down to the ears and the lines from your nose down to your mouth. Tanning can make you look older if those lines go to dark.

7. Wash your hands well after applying the tanning lotion.

8. I leave my tanning gel on for about 2 hours then wash it off.


Notes: I have tried to use the tanning gel twice over a couple of days, and the result is nice if you apply a thin layer. Still I prefer just to use it once for a more natural look.


If you are not into using tanning lotions, you can get a nice healthy skin color by eating colorful fruits and vegetables. A glass of carrot juice every day is a good one!

Carrot juice
Carrot juice is the natural way to get a tan


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