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How to keep a healthy weight

How to keep a healthy waight

Haven’t we all tried to be running around the house in desperation of finding something sweet? Anyway, I know I have! I would get a spoon and eat a chocolate spread out of the jar. My problemĀ  was, that once I got started eating the sugar, I would keep going until everything was gone. Having just a couple of pieces of chocolate never worked for me, I would finish the whole packet.

Therefore the only option for me is NOT havingĀ  temptations in my house. Now I only have 85% dark chocolate very low in sugar in my house for those emergency cravings. Just having a little bit of of this dark chocolate helps for my sugar cravings.

Sugar is addictive, it contains lots of calories but no nutrients. Sugar does not fill you up, sugar sends wrong signals to your brain, it just makes you want to eat more and more.

Getting out of your sugar addiction or the habit would take about a month, but it is possible to do it by changing to healthy eating.

What to do…

I started making healthy almond balls and had a hot raw organic cacao with honey when I got the sugar cravings. A banana smoothie with organic raw cacao powder, a bit of water and honey also helped for my cravings. Drinking green tea makes you feel full, and it is packed with antioxidants.

Make sure to start the day with a good solid breakfast. I would have fruit with Greek yogurt and muesli, and that would keep me full for a long time.

For lunch I make sure to get some protein rich foods like eggs, tuna, hummus, cheese and wholegrain breads with a bit of salad.

Always have fruits in the house. A sweet orange or an apple can be very enjoyable.

For dinner I would eat lots of vegetables in a stir-fry, oven-bake, omelet, curry sauce or just steamed vegetables with halloumi cheese or soy products.

When you stop eating sugar other foods start tasting so much better.

Healthy and yummy!
Healthy and yummy!

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