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How to clean your silver jewelry

Cleaning products for silver jewelry

Get the perfect shiny finish on your silver jewelry without using a polishing machine. It is easy, low cost and you get great results.

First you need to look at the jewelry you want to clean up:

  • Does it just need a light clean up to look shiny?
  • Is it very tarnished and needs a good clean up?
  • Is it oxidesed and you want to keep that antique look?

Make your own silver cloth.

If  you just need a light clean up daily to get the shine on your jewelry, I recommend you use a silver cloth. You can make your own silver cloth  buying some rouge from your local jewelry suppliers and rubbing it on a cloth. Using this cloth on your jewelry gives a beautiful shiny finish as if you have been using a polishing machine ( I use the rouge as the last step when I polish jewelry on my polishing machine). When you first rub the rouge on the cloth it can be a bit messy, and you might need to use plastic gloves. Once you have the rouge you can add a bit to your cloth whenever needed. I find that the silver cloth with the rouge works so much better than the silver cloths you buy.

Make your own silver cloth
Make your own silver cloth


Cleaning up badly tarnished and oxidised silver jewelry.

You have to be careful in how you clean up your oxidised silver jewelry if you want to keep that antique look. You want to keep the  black in the lines. For this type of design I recommend you use a pro polishing pad and rub it over your jewelry till you get the achieved look you want. Then finish the piece with the polishing cloth. The pro polishing pad is good on designs that are oxidised, because it won’t get down the oxidised lines.

Pro polishing pad
Pro polishing pad


Cleaning up badly tarnished silver jewelry in twirly designs.

If you have have designs where the pro polishing pad can’t reach, you can use steel wool super fine 0000 (make sure to use the super fine 0000 for the best finish). The steel wool is great for rounded designs where it is hard to reach. Be careful if using the steel wool on oxidised items, because it might get into lines and remove the oxidised black. Use plastic gloves when working with the steel wool as it can irritate your skin. After using the steel wool use the silver cloth for a high polish.

Steel wool super fine 0000
Steel wool super fine 0000

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