About Anita

I have always liked to share all the good things I have discovered in life. It could be a yummy recipe, knowledge about being healthy, a great product or how to make your own jewelry. With this website I am hoping to share all my favorites with others.

I am Danish and moved to Australia in 1997. Back in Denmark I used to work with people for 10 years, and my last job that I left for moving to Australia was working with mentally handicapped young people.

In Australia I started making my own jewelry and selling it at markets. People liked my jewelry, and from doing the jewelry as a hobby it became a full-time job for me. My business Anita’s Best is located in Brisbane at the Boundary Street Markets. I love to create and design my own jewelry, and I am always working on new ideas. Making a quality product is important to me. On this website I am doing jewelry classes and hoping that other people can find my jewelry making tips useful.


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